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Community Lectures connects the community to local doctors in your area who are certified in presenting on various topics. These presentations are filled with powerful content and have been attended by thousands of community members, educators and other providers seeking additional information on these topics.

Neurodevelopment, Learning, Mental Health, Autoimmune and Chronic Challenges

Our community lectures focus on some of the most relevant and important topics today. Whether it's children's health and development to chronic autoimmune challenges, our local doctors are prepared and ready to deliver powerful lectures filled with valuable information for the community.

Relevant Topics with the Latest Research

Each lecture has been rigorously researched and reviewed to ensure our local doctors are bringing the latest information.

Peer Reviewed Journals

The information contained in our lectures comes directly from scientific journals and is not simply the opinion of individuals.

Latest in Best Practices

Best practices are shared on each topic so that attendees not only learn more about the topic but also leave with next steps.

Real-World Action Steps

Attendees leave with real-world action steps and follow up educational emails to ensure they receive the resources they need.

Professional Speakers

Our local doctors are well-versed on the subject matter and speak regularly on the topics.

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The Community Lectures websites brings current health topics to local communities through collaborative efforts with local doctors. Community Lectures was created by, managed and maintained by Waitlist Workshops LLC.